16 October 2015

Louis Moinet Memoris Timepiece

Eight seconds, the average time span to engage ones attention. Eight seconds and I was sold on the new watch of Louis Moinet, the inventor and pioneer of the chronograph. 

Most young women wish to be armed with the latest designer it bag, but unlike most l have always desired a chronograph timepiece to add to my lonely watch collection of one. Although, in this modern age watches have lost its importance to cell phones and other gadgets to tell time, I am a firm believer in the wrist watch as an everyday staple. 

Presented in the campaign, the pink gold model matched with a black alligator leather strap instantly tickled my fancy. As a avid wearer of dark colours, the gold case with a soft rose tone never looked so good against the black backdrop. 

Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Louis Moinet stated, “It’s probably the most important launch we’ve ever done”. The Memoris chronograph-watch is the first of its kind, launched in a timely fashion to celebrate the heritage watch brand's tenth anniversary. 

Designed with innovation in mind, the Memoris watch features an ingeniously engineered chronograph function that is brought forth onto the dial, whereas typically hidden in standard watches. A central component to the watches' design, the chronograph enables wearers to behold the beautifully crafted automatic system whilst keeping time throughout the day. 

Following Louis Moinet's tradition of handcrafted techniques, the Atelier's attention to craftsmanship is evident, as seen in the close ups of the Memoris watch displayed in the campaign images and video. 

Nominated for the highly reputable Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva, Memoris is available in 18K pink gold, 18K white gold rhodium-plated mainplate and 18K white gold-blued mainplate. Distinctive of Louis Moinet, Memoris is exclusively limited to 60 watches of each set.

View the stunning Memoris timepiece in action below.

Read more about the Louis Moinet history here.

This post is an entry to the Louis Moinet bicentennial & Memoris Contest.

20 May 2015

Nano Heated Wireless Mug | Kickstarter

I've contacted by a few independent designers from Kickstarter recently and have turned down a few of them, but this so far has to be the most impressive product I've come across! The Nano Heated Wireless Mug is produced by Design HMI LLC and Green Lama LLC. Having lived in New Zealand that is of a colder climate, my hot drink gets cold quite fast and it's super frustrating. This self-heating mug caught my attention because I would imagine it being really practical during winter time, say goodbye to hot drinks turning cold! 

The design of the mug is simple and sleek, I like the clean white with complementing blue light ring and the minimalist logo. It can be charged easily with a USB port, which makes it super user friendly! Watch the video above for more info.