20 May 2015

Nano Heated Wireless Mug | Kickstarter

I've contacted by a few independent designers from Kickstarter recently and have turned down a few of them, but this so far has to be the most impressive product I've come across! The Nano Heated Wireless Mug is produced by Design HMI LLC and Green Lama LLC. Having lived in New Zealand that is of a colder climate, my hot drink gets cold quite fast and it's super frustrating. This self-heating mug caught my attention because I would imagine it being really practical during winter time, say goodbye to hot drinks turning cold! 

The design of the mug is simple and sleek, I like the clean white with complementing blue light ring and the minimalist logo. It can be charged easily with a USB port, which makes it super user friendly! Watch the video above for more info.


Sherry London

Introducing, Sherry London a UK based online retailer selling custom made dresses for special occasions, like formals, prom and weddings.  Here are three dresses that caught my eye! 

Currently, Sherry London is having a Summer sale of up to 50% off*. Click on the image to check out the sales!